Glasses of sparkling wine wait to be served to visitors at a display of luxury yachts, at the London Boat Show, in London

There’s only one thing better than your BFF arriving on your doorstep after a bad day at the office; your BFF arriving on your doorstep after a bad day at the office with a bottle of bubbly in her hand!

Because your best bud and your favourite bottle are so alike: they pick you up when you’re feeling down, they’re your plus one at every event, and they always add that little touch of sparkle to special occasions.

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That’s according to Miguel Chan, host of the exclusive Café Cru Sparkling Wine Bar at the TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, Thursday the 8th June to Saturday 10th June at Suncoast Casino this coming week.

Thursday and Friday are between 5pm and 9pm, while the closing show on Saturday opens at 3pm and closes at 9pm .

And he should know; as group sommelier for Tsogo Sun Hotels, he’s served some of the world’s most notable bubbly. He shares his top five reasons why bubbly drinkers make the best friends:

Girls just wanna have fun

Bubbly BFFs love to party. And by party we mean standing on bar counters, fist punching the air, and dancing like no-one is watching. Unashamedly over the top and one-of-a kind, bubbly BFFs don’t take themselves too seriously and are always ready to let their hair down.

Picture perfect

Bubbly BFFS are snap happy. Not only are you both self-professed selfie pouters, but you share an addiction for snapchat. Your BFF even knows exactly which bubbly snapchat filter captures your best Vogue moment as you strive to be the envy of your social media followers. After all, it’s not easy being effortlessly chic and the life of the party at the same time! It’s always bubbly o’clock

Bubbly BFFs drink their bubbly all. the. time.

Bubbly is delicious with oysters, a tangy vinegar shallot mignonette and Champagne-infused foam with frozen Champagne grapes for Saturday lunch. Or with waffles, peach compote and fluffy whipped cream on a Sunday morning. Getting the pairing right doesn’t need to be a science, as long as the dish – like the bubbly – is pure class.

All that sparkles…

Bubbly BFFs adore diamonds and Champagne. Or more specifically, a diamond (or two or three) in a glass of very expensive French Champagne used to pop a very important question. Bubbly BFFs find it hard to say no when faced with so many sparkles!

Dressed to thrill

Bubbly BFFs always look the part. There is a certain etiquette that comes with drinking bubbly, and these BFFs know it. They will never arrive dressed in sloppy t-shirts and sneakers, but rather in attire befitting the classic status symbol a bottle of bubbly commands. Bubbly BFFs are in a class of their own, are the envy of their followers and set the trend wherever they go.

And at this year’s TOPS at SPAR Wine Show, , we don’t expect it to be any different!

Tickets are available online with new ticketing provider, TicketPros

General admission is R120 online or R140 at the door. It includes a tasting glass and  all tastings.