SAICE CEO, Manglin Pillay.
Durban - The Women in Engineering group, which lambasted the chief executive of the SAInstitution of Civil Engineering (Saice), Manglin Pillay, for his sexist remarks questioning whether women were suited to high-powered careers, welcomed his resignation, deeming it a victory.

The group also thanked all female and male engineering students who voiced their opinion and outrage about the article in which Pillay said women’s “agreeableness” and motherly instincts prevented them from negotiating higher salaries, among other notions.

“The victory is not about an individual losing their job, but about sending the message and setting a precedent that no form of discrimination will be tolerated. Thank you, Saice, for doing the right thing. A step in the right direction, but still much work to be done,” the organisation said.

The Women in Engineering group said the industry was evolving rapidly, with diversity and inclusion a critical component.

Pillay resigned with immediate effect last week. He came under fire last month when his article was published in Saice’s monthly magazine and on his personal Facebook page.

When contacted, Pillay declined to comment. 

The Mercury