Valter Adão, chief digital and innovation officer for Deloitte Africa.
Durban - Deloitte recently held a week-long series of digital immersion sessions in KwaZulu-Natal aimed at introducing companies to the many exponential technologies available to them.

“We positioned the week’s activities around the theme, ‘We’re on a new adventure’,” said Ruwayda Redfearn, the professional services firm’s regional managing partner for KZN.

“Until now much of the focus, where digital transformation is concerned, has been on the negative consequences of failing to adapt to the new digital reality. By contrast, Deloitte’s focus during the ‘Digital Week’ and going forward is to underline the many opportunities presented by digital technology and how we are positioned to take our clients on a journey of possibilities in this exciting new world,” she said.

Incorporating the best elements of Deloitte’s Greenhouse innovation centres, in Johannesburg and Cape Town, the KZN immersion experience exposed participants to its range of digital assets, from connected retail, supply chain and customer marketing solutions, as well as several locally-developed analytics, predictive modelling, and gamified performance management tools, to name a few.

“Deloitte has built some incredible digital solutions and offerings,” said Alex Moir, the firm’s supply chain leader, for the consumer services sector in Africa.

“Hosting the digital immersion week was an opportunity to introduce these solutions to select KZN clients, specifically focussing on the fast ­moving consumable goods (FMCG) sector.”

Valter Adão, chief digital and innovation officer for Deloitte Africa, said companies considering adopting digital assets faced a bewildering, constantly evolving array of technologies and trends.

“Our aim was to simplify the field and distil it down to the three most important things businesses need to think about when considering digital transformation.

“These are: leveraging digital technology to unlock exponential growth inside the business, boosting productivity inside organisations by allowing them to conduct the same business but at a lower cost point, and leveraging digital to uplift the experience customers have,” Adão said.

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