Head of Business Development at Santam Gerald van Wyk with guest speaker Mike Saunders at a business breakfast last week.
DURBAN - Five Durban businesses were recently named as the city’s most loved companies. 

The businesses were chosen based on nominations from residents in a recent radio poll and were announced last week by Santam at a business breakfast that honoured local entrepreneurs.

The breakfast focused on building longevity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) by shining a spotlight on opportunities that create an enabling environment to assist SMEs to thrive.

“SMEs are responsible for 60% of the labour force in South Africa, and the impact of that is significant. Not just in terms of job creation but also, very importantly, as the providers of the products and services we’ve all come to rely on. Entrepreneurs need to safeguard their livelihood and Santam has a critical role to play here,” said Gerald van Wyk, Head: Business Development at Santam.

The selection process for Durban’s most loved local businesses was conducted with East Coast Radio.

Author and entrepreneur, Mike Saunders, who was the keynote speaker at the breakfast, shared take outs from his book The Five Year Mark, a collection of his lessons learnt while establishing his business.

Saunders said SMEs were very close to his heart as they brought value to people in the forms of self-worth and employment. His four tips for entrepreneurs starting out were:

1. Chart your own course. You’re not going to stand out in the business world if you do what everybody else does.

2. Focus on your output. If you cannot produce anything for the market, then you don’t have a business.

3. Be willing to pivot to what your clients want. You constantly need to listen to what your clients and your market want, and then meet those needs.

4. Learn how to delegate.

The five businesses named as Durban’s most loved companies were:

Health & Fitness Invasion

Fast food takeaway Jollyz Xpress

Nondz Beach Massage Experience

KB Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

iNCO Creative