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New Delhi: More than 50% of smartphone users do not use passwords or anti-theft solutions, leaving their devices, and the increasing amount of precious data on them, accessible to anyone, says a survey.

Many people today rely on their mobile devices to access the internet and carry out online activities, such as online banking, e-mails and social media activities, all of which involve a huge quantity of sensitive data.

The survey by Russia-based cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab, showed that less than 48% of people password-protect their mobile devices and just 14% of people encrypt their files and folders to avoid unauthorised access.

“They are valuable items that criminals naturally want to get their hands on, and their job is made easier by the fact that every other pickpocketed phone is not password protected,” said Dmitry Aleshin, VP for product marketing, Kaspersky Lab.

Further, the survey showed that less than half (41%) of people make backups of their data and only 22% use anti-theft features on their mobile devices.

“There are a few simple things that everyone can do to secure their devices.

"By applying password protection and using a dedicated security solution, including anti-theft protection, you can protect personal information, photos and online accounts from loss and malicious usage,” Aleshin added. - IANS