Durban. 27.01.19: Durban City Hall was a voting registration station on the 27 January 2019 as the registration staff members help the South Africans who came to register themselves and also those who came to verify their names are on the IEC list to vote. The upcoming National elections are scheduled to take place in May 2019. Picture: Motshwari Mofokeng/ African News Agency (ANA)
DURBAN - The applications of more than 1000 people to vote abroad in the general elections have been rejected by the Independent Electoral Commission of SA (IEC).

Kate Bapela, the IEC’s spokesperson said a total of 30532 voters have applied to cast their votes in the national elections, at one of South Africa’s 121 foreign missions.

She said the applications were received by the deadline to submit a notification to vote abroad - using a VEC 10 form - and, of these, 29334 were approved.

“Reasons for not approving some applications could either be that voters are not registered to vote, they are under-age or are not South African citizens,” said Bapela.

She said the cut-off date for applications to vote outside of the country was March 13.

“Arrangements have been made to ensure that those South Africans who were approved can vote on April27,”she said.

Bapela said that although some complaints regarding overseas voters had been received, the commission was ready and confident that everything would be in place come the elections on May 8.

“In 2016 we only had 8.4million complete addresses on the voters’ roll.

“However, this year we have just under 23million complete addresses on the voters’ roll,” she said.

“We hope to print over 50million ballot papers in a ten day period and ensure that those ballots are packaged correctly and in the right quality controls, and ready to be delivered at various voting stations across the country,” she said.

Bapela said applications will soon be opened for special votes, to accommodate voters who will not be able to go to the voting stations.