Blind Durban woman knits bears for vulnerable children

Knitted bears placed side by side in rows on a bed.

The knitted bears made by a blind Queensburgh woman, Gail Holder, for vulnerable children. Picture: Supplied.

Published Oct 28, 2022


Durban – A Queensburgh woman, who became blind 12 years ago, is helping to bring joy to children’s lives with knitted bears.

Gail Holder says most of the bears she knits are donated to Bobbi Bear, a non-profit organisation that looks after abandoned and abused children.

Holder says she recently finished a batch of 66 bears which have been collected by a woman from her church that she works with.

“The lady from church, Rene, puts in the finishing touches, the eyes, bow and the stuffing.”

Holder says she has knitted all her life and wanted to find a way to serve her community.

“When you become blind you become disoriented and lonely because you also lose friends.

“When I was alone I asked the Lord what can I do and the Lord told me to knit and I thought it was bizarre because I couldn’t see anymore.”

She says she started off knitting scarves for women at an old-age home.

Gail Holder with some of the bears she has knitted. Picture: Supplied

Her husband Arthur recently put out an appeal on Facebook for the community to donate double-knit wool so she could continue to make the bears.

WhatsApp Arthur at 081 385 4356 for more information.


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