File photo: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA).

Durban - Supermarket giant Checkers has confirmed that their hot cross buns are alcohol-free after a video circulating on social media showed a police officer getting a positive reading after eating a hot cross bun.

In the video a police officer is seen eating a traditional hot cross buns before taking a breathalyzer test which registered 0.21.


In a statement issued on Wednesdat, the retailer said the false-positive reading in the video is most probably due to the yeast and fruit which may cause inaccurate breathalyser readings as was first reported in Australia in January 2019.

“Checkers, however, confirmed that its sought-after hot cross buns are alcohol-free and only made with stone ground flour and the finest quality natural ingredients,” read the statement.

Checkers said consumers have been inundating the retailer with requests for its hot cross bun recipe and clarity on the breathalyser reading.

“They are also asking to place bulk orders and want the hot cross bun range to be extended to Checkers LiquorShops and even to be sold all year round,” said Checkers.

The Checkers range includes Traditional hot cross buns, Hot cross bun rings, Gluten-free hot cross buns and Chocolate hot cross buns.