A 27-year-old man has been arrested for defrauding people thousands of rand by promising them jobs in the municipal offices in Pinetown.


He was charging R3000 per job and was caught after he defrauded three people. 

The man would contact the victims using WhatsApp messenger.


He had promised a cashier at a chicken outlet in Pinetown a job in the municipality and asked her to deposit the R3000 and to send him proof of deposit, she only had R1500 to deposit and she sent the proof via WhatsApp.


A few days later, he informed her that there are two more openings and she can recruit two other people as long as they were going to pay, two of her friends paid R1500 each.


The police said the three victims were told by the suspect to go to the Civic Centre to collect their uniforms February 9 as they were going to start working on February 12.


The three went to the Civic Centre to meet with their would-be employer. 

Police said the conman took a bag, which contained cellphones and an ID document, belonging to one of the victims, and never returned.


He then used the victims' cell phones to solicit more money from their contacts through WhatsApp messages as he promised them municipal jobs.


The man is expected to appear in court soon.