LOOK: Massive python rescued in Waterfall

By Se-Anne Rall Time of article published Aug 5, 2019

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Durban - A python, measuring an impressive 3.9 metres was rescued from a home in Link Road, Waterfall at the weekend. 

Durban snake catcher, Nick Evans, said he was alerted to the snake by couple, Wolf and Val Sperryn. 

"The couple saw this magnificent beast crossing Link Road which is a very busy road. It was trying to slither under a driveway gate but it was too big," he said. 

Evans said he thought the snake came from the Kloof Gorge, near Waterfall.

"Wrestling this beast wasn't so easy! Disappointed that the pics don't do it justice," he said. 

Recently, Evans rescued a python from Zimbali and he said while it measured at 4m on the dot, it was not as heavy as this one. 

"She couldn't have been. She had recently laid 40+ eggs. Pythons are usually around the 3m mark. But this snake had a massive girth. Its power was unbelievable. What a magical way to end my weekend," he said. 

He noted that this was the biggest snake he had ever rescued. 

"I would have expected to have rescued something like this in the bush not in suburbia. I would love to know what its been feeding on," he said. 

Earlier in the month, Evans rescued a boomslang that had been spotted at a Parlock property. 

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