Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency
DURBAN - Dam levels in Makhanda, formerly Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape, are at a critical level despite the rain.

The Howiesonspoort dam level is at 29.3% and the Settlers dam at 7.6%.

The Makana Municipality said if the Settlers dam level drops to 7.4%, it would not be possible to extract water.

However, pumping from Howiesonspoort to Waainek Water Works would continue until those pumps start cavitating as well.

Thereafter, the Waainek Water Works that is supplying water to Makhanda West will not be able to produce water for residents in that area.

Municipality spokesperson, Anele Mjekula, said if there was no good rainfall by the end of April, no water will be produced by Waainek. “It is anticipated that by the end of April, no water will be produced by Waainek.

The municipality has put measures in place to curb water usage and to manage the scarce resource in the west.”

This includes reducing water flow between the reservoirs in the West to ensure that residents receiving water from the high-level reservoir and those receiving from the intermediate and low reservoirs, received water on a rotational basis for the past six weeks.

The municipality continued to urge residents to save water and reduce water usage to 50-liters per person to a maximum of four people in a household. Mjekula said despite the urgent call by the municipality water usage did not decrease. 

- African News Agency (ANA)