Miguel's mother, Raylene Louw, pictured during a previous court appearance 
Picture: Se-Anne Rall
Miguel's mother, Raylene Louw, pictured during a previous court appearance Picture: Se-Anne Rall

#MiguelLouw was killed to ‘teach mom a lesson’

By Karen Singh Time of article published Dec 13, 2018

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Durban - The State has alleged that murder accused Mohammed Ebrahim kidnapped and killed Miguel Louw because the boy’s mother had “rejected his advances”.

Miguel was last seen on July 17 in the presence of Ebrahim at a KFC near his Sydenham home. His body was found in a shallow grave in Longbury Drive in Phoenix, not far from Ebrahim’s home, in September.

Ebrahim and Miguel’s mother Raylene had worked at the same butchery.

Yesterday, Ebrahim took the stand to testify in his bail application in the Durban Regional Court. While he had been granted bail on the kidnapping charge, he was arrested for Miguel’s murder last week and must, therefore, reapply .

Prosecutor Kuveshni Pillay said that after Ebrahim’s failed attempt at a relationship with Raylene, there was “bad blood” between them and he was asked to leave her home.

“You pursued a relationship that she rejected That is why you wanted to teach her a lesson and harm her child,” said Pillay.

Ebrahim responded that it was “a lie” and that he had had a relationship with Raylene and everyone at their workplace knew about it.

He denied kidnapping and killing Miguel and said he had no reason to commit the crimes.

Ebrahim said that on the day Miguel went missing he left the Louw house in Sydenham, where he was helping with yard work, to go to his Phoenix home. Waiting for a taxi he saw Miguel walking home from school.

He said no food had been prepared at home for Miguel, so he offered to buy him chips.

“He asked for KFC and I took him to buy a Streetwise 2,” said Ebrahim.

Ebrahim said he told Miguel where he put the house key, jumped in a taxi and that was the last time he saw him.

After learning about Miguel’s disappearance, Ebrahim said he stayed at his home in Phoenix and only went out to a tuck shop to buy cigarettes.

However, according to the State, an affidavit from Ebrahim’s father states that he was not home for most of that night.

Pillay said Ebrahim’s evasiveness during cross-examination suggested that he was a dishonest witness.

“You only tell the court what you want the court to hear and only when we ask. You can’t be trusted. And therefore you should not be granted bail. You’re a flight risk,” she said.

In response, Ebrahim said: “If I was guilty I would have run away a long time ago.”

In his affidavit, he said he should be granted bail because he had co- operated with police and had strong family ties to keep him in Durban.

The bail application was postponed to December 19.

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