Sastri College Grade 12 pupils Saleem Balala, Warren Machiridza, Sasha Pillay, Naomi Jili, Abid Kola and Fayaadh Hoosen had mixed opinions about the maths and maths literacy exams they wrote yesterday. Doctor Ngcobo African News Agency (ANA)

Durban - Grade 12 pupils at Sastri College in Durban said yesterday’s maths exams were challenging but they were able to complete the papers.

Pupils wrote maths paper 2 and maths literacy paper 2.

Naomi Jili, who wrote maths, described the paper as “interesting” and said she enjoyed the type of questions that were posed.

“The paper was not hard for me. I’m ready for other subjects as well, especially physical sciences paper 2 on Friday,” said Jili. She added that she wanted to study civil engineering or astrophysics next year.

Sasha Pillay said one section of the paper was a bit difficult.

“Analytical geometry was very easy but trigonometry was extremely tricky. I was well prepared, but the style was a bit different and required you to think hard and know how to properly apply what you learnt to the question.”

Fayaadh Hoosen, who wrote maths literacy, said the paper had a few difficult questions.

“I’m studying consistently and going through past year papers, and so far that seems to be working well for me,” said Hoosen.

He said he wanted to study for a Bachelor of Education degree as he was passionate about working with children.

Saleem Balala, who also wrote maths literacy, described the paper as “challenging”.

“Going through past exam questions and doing revision helps as some of the questions are similar. It wasn’t that bad, there were a few challenges here and there, but I managed,” said Balala. He said he wanted to study information technology next year.

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