Nduduzo Chiliza casts his vote at the Ngilosi Primary School voting station in uMlazi section M. Picture: Karen Singh

Durban - “I am voting for a change in leadership,” said 23-year-old Nduduzo Chiliza at the Ngilosi Primary School voting station in uMlazi section M this morning.

Chiliza, who was speaking after he cast his vote, said the youth want a new party to win the election because there must be a change in leadership.

“As the youth, we are tired of voting for the party that our parents and grandparents voted for. We need to move forward with a new party,” said Chiliza.

Matho Mthembu, a 62-year-old pensioner from uMlazi said she is “voting for change” and more job opportunities for her children.

“I have three children and five grandchildren and two of my daughters are nurses but they can’t find work since 2010,” said Mthembu.

Mthembu, who has voted in every election since 1994, said she is under a lot of stress to take care of her family.

“I’m here again to vote but nothing is being done for me. I am diabetic and have had heart surgery and I’m under so much stress because I took the little money I had for my daughters to become nurses but they are still unemployed,” she said.

A resident from uMlazi K section, Melta Mdunge, 76,  said she hopes that her vote will make the difference.  

Mdunge who have been voting since the first democratic election said South Africa is a “junk country.”

An emotional Mdunge said the government has neglected the elderly in the country and that South Africa is going from “bad to worse”.

“Ever since I've started voting I don't see any changes, I am not happy about how the government is doing. Sometimes I wish to leave this country,” said Mdunge.

Magaret Biyela, 75, said she is voting because she needs a change in South Africa and “respect” from the government.

“We need special treatment for the old people at the clinics. We stand in long lines from the morning to the afternoon and this is not good because we are old,”said Biyela.

Another uMlazi K Section resident Sphiwe Mayeza, 37,  said the winning party must fix all the problems that need to be fixed.

“We have lots of challenges as the community of uMlazi K as some people don't have houses, water, and electricity. I see that there is change in this country but there is still more development that needs to happen in South Africa,” said Mayeza.

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