Picture: Bethany Laird/ Unsplash

Durban- KwaZulu-Natal is warned to brace itself for severe thunderstorms heading into the province from the Eastern Cape on Thursday afternoon. 

The South African Weather Services issued a warning for severe weather expected throughout the province. 

Forecaster on duty Ayande Ntsele said they were monitoring the thunderstorms coming in from the south. 

"Curently, there is drizzle or light rain in the southern parts of the province but we are expecting it to get heavier this afternoon."

She said as the storm will bring lightening, thunder, hail, strong winds and heavy rains sweeping across the entire province. 

"We are expecting about 30mm of rain over the next 24 hours. Because the thunderstorms bring heavy downpours within a short space of time, localised flooding is expected," said Ntsele. 

Throughout the province, 80% chance of rain is forecast but the temperature will remain warm above 25℃.

The severe thunderstorms are expected to clear by Friday morning.

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