Two women were killed in a botched hijacking in Isipingo on Thursday Picture: Supplied

Durban - Two women have been shot dead in an apparent botched hijacking in Lotus Park, Isipingo on Thursday afternoon. 

According to sources at the scene, two armed men arrived in a Hyundai H100 and tried to hijack a silver VW Polo that had been parked at an intersection. 

The source claimed that the men approached the Polo and demanded that the women alight from the vehicle.

"The women refused to get out and the men fired shots through the door. The men then got back into their vehicle and fled the scene," the source said. 

Emergency personnel and private security companies arrived at the scene within minutes but there was nothing further that medics could do for the women. 

They were declared dead at the scene. 

Isipingo Community Policing Forum chairperson, Aiden David, said it was a sad day for the community. 

"We would like to pass on our condolences to the families of the two women. Unfortunately, we have to be aware that in these kinds of circumstances, our lives are more valuable than our possessions. If someone is in a similar position, rather give up the car. Your life matters more," David said. 

He called on residents to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings at all times. 

The incident comes just weeks after Isipingo residents reported an increase in crime.

Previously, it was reported that muggings were on the increase in the area. 

Residents claimed that the crime spike was due to a clean up of the Isipingo CBD. 

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