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Sunday, December 10, 2023

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uMngeni Municipality clamps down on illegal dumping in Howick and surrounding areas

UMngeni Municipality mayor Chris Pappas

UMngeni Municipality mayor Chris Pappas. Picture: Facebook

Published Jan 25, 2023


Durban - In an effort to clamp down on the illegal dumping of waste, uMngeni Municipality has taken to providing its residents with refuse bags and even delivering these to some of the affected areas.

In a media statement posted on its Facebook page, the municipality called on its residents to stop illegal dumping.

“In the continued efforts to promote responsible disposal of waste and to fight illegal dumping, the municipality distributed refuse bags to communities in Ward 12.

“Some households in Langerwag, KwaMevana, Howick West and Tumbleweed have these refuse bags. Each household received two packets, containing 40 refuse bags. The distribution of refuse bags in the ward will continue until the end of this week.

“We plead with the community to refrain from dumping waste,” said the municipality.

The move was welcomed by some of the city’s residents who took to the municipality’s Facebook page.

Rose Bulman-Owen said, “Have communities equally been informed when these bags will be collected? This is critical to ensure the bags don’t then get dumped anyway.”

Bernadette Cooper-Bell spoke of the importance of recycling: “I am currently visiting New Zealand and am very impressed with their recycling. Each household has two wheelie bins which households put on the verge on collection days. One for general waste and one for all recyclable waste. Each week general waste is collected and recyclable waste every two weeks.

“Recyclable waste is cardboard, glass, all types of plastic bottles, paper etc. People including children back home would probably be more inclined to recycle and be more aware as they would not have to go to recycle depots,” said Cooper-Bell.