Clinical Psychologist Julia Green with East Coast Radio Breakfast Show hosts Keri Miller and Darren Maule. Picture: ECR

Durban - East Coast Radio Breakfast show hosts Darren Maule and Keri Miller have squashed Tuesday morning’s on-air incident which lead Miller to walk out during the show.

The co-hosts made up live on the Drive show with Bongani on Tuesday afternoon.

“I reacted instead of responded. I'm really sorry Darren because I know that you didn't mean it, I saw some things online mentioning sexual harassment, I unequivocally do not feel like that is true by any means. I poke fun at Darren all the time as well and I just feel that this morning I didn't handle it very well,” said Miller.

Clinical Psychologist, Julia Green, demonstrated a couples therapy technique to illustrate helpful ways of communicating live on the Breakfast Show on Wednesday morning.

“I’m going to have therapy with Darren Maule after we misbehaved yesterday, so this is not punishment, this is something that we are very excited for,” said Miller.

Keri was asked to share her experience with a special focus on the emotional impact the incident had on her.

“Yesterday[Tuesday] I felt vulnerable because I felt that something that is actually a sore point for me in my own life, which is my weight -  because I used to be quite chunky and a certain something else on my body that I’m not necessarily happy with -  was not made fun of but pointed out and I felt like it was a little too close to home for me because I wasn't ready to deal with it in front of 800,000 people," Miller said.

In response, Maule was then asked by Green to restate what Keri had said in a way that would validate her experience.

“Keri was feeling vulnerable and self conscious and I was not aware of that and I was actually making fun of that and that really upset her, it hurt her,“ he said.

Keri got up and hugged Darren after the therapy session.

“Just like a family, we share secrets, we share laughs, we fight, but we always have each other's back,” posted the Breakfast Show Team on the ECR site.

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