Durban - A video showing a motorcyclist and motorist coming to blows in a road rage incident has surfaced online.

The Sandton Chronicle reported on Tuesday that the incident had taken place in Kelvin, Sandton.

The video shared by the newspaper shows the motorcyclist grabbing the driver and pulling him around his vehicle before punching him repeatedly.

The motorcyclist then leaves the scene.

The circumstances and those leading up to the incident are not clear.

The Sandton Chronicle reported that Edna Mamonyane, spokesperson for the Metro police confirmed that the road rage incident took place and that a security company arrested the suspect and took him to the Sandton Police Station.



They reported that Captain Mohlaum Mamabolo, spokesperson for the Sandton Police Station said the incident happened in the afternoon on November 13 in Oldens Way, Kelvin.

“A 17-year-old suspect was arrested and brought into the Sandton Police Station,” said Mamabolo in the report.

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