People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increase protested outside the Sasol garage on Masabalala Yengwa Avenue (NMR) in Stamford Hill yesterday calling for lower fuel prices, an end to poverty and the nationalisation of the energy company. Picture: LEON LESTRADE/ AFRICAN NEWS AGENCY/ANA
Durban - People Against Petrol and Paraffin Price Increase (Papppi) has called for energy company Sasol to be nationalised ahead of yet another fuel price increase set to take effect next week.

Protesters picketed outside Sasol garage on Masabalala Yengwa Avenue (NMR) in Stamford Hill on Thursday calling for lower fuel prices and the end of poverty.

Visvin Reddy, national convener of Papppi, said this will be the seventh petrol price increase this year which directly affects South Africans - with the price of food and transport increasing as a result.

“People are also picketing at Sasol garages in Chatsworth, Northdene, Westville and in Gauteng,” Reddy said.

The organisation said the time for talking is over and called for Sasol to be returned to the people.

“The land is coming back to the people, we want Sasol to come back to the people. This is the start of mass action aimed and targeted against Sasol,” he said, adding that Sasol belonged to the people of this country and not foreign investors who did not live in South Africa.

“Billions of rands made by Sasol is pumped overseas and that money can be used for our people,” he said.

Vusi Mhlaba, Black First Land First provincial organiser, who came out to support Papppi during the protest, said black people - including Indians and coloureds - were not poor but were made poor.

“Through our effort, we are all going to change this predicament. We thank the organisers of Papppi for sensitising our people to make them aware of where the problem lies,” Mhlaba said.The Automobile Association (AA) said petrol was expected to increase by between 23 and 25 cents a litre, with diesel rising by around 28 cents and illuminating paraffin by 17 cents next week.

“This will, for the first time, push the cost of 93 unleaded octane fuel inland above the R16 a litre mark, a significant barrier,” announced the AA.

Reddy has called on all motorists to stop filling petrol at Sasol garages from next week.

Sasol had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publish. 

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