Residents lined up to fill any container they could find with 'wine' after a truck crash, which turned out to be apple cider vinegar. Picture: Sibusiso Ndlovu

Residents of an informal settlement were helping themselves by the bucketful to what they thought was wine – which turned out to be apple cider vinegar – from the tanker on a truck which ploughed through three homes.

They lined up with any container they could spare to pour out the 'wine', during the more than six hours it took for the truck to be salvaged. 

The truck crashed into three homes when the driver seemingly lost control on the M1 (Higginson Highway) in Chatsworth on Sunday morning.


According to Rescue Care, two pedestrians were injured when the truck veered off the road, ripping off traffic barriers before crashing down the embankment on which the Bottlebrush informal settlement is built. 

Fortunately, they and the driver were not seriously injured and were transported to hospital for treatment. 

Nobody in the informal dwellings flattened by the truck was injured. After paramedics left, the salvage took more than six hours, and used specialised tow trucks. 

One of the tankers containing the apple cider vinegar was removed first, leaving the other to be nearly emptied by the residents.

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