Hong Kong actress in sex scandal speaks out

By Time of article published Feb 28, 2009

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Hong Kong - An Hong Kong actress pictured in racy photographs circulated on the Internet has broken her silence to lambast Edison Chen, the star at the centre of the scandal, news reports said Saturday.

Cecilia Cheung appeared in a television interview broadcast Friday by Hong Kong-based private television channel iCable, criticising Chen whom she accused of lying and saying one thing to gain public sympathy while doing another.

Cheung was one of a group of well-known women who were identified in the hundreds of photos uploaded on the Internet 13 months ago from the personal laptop of singer and actor Edison Chen when it was taken for repair.

Cheung, who is now married to actor Nicholas Tse and has a young son, decided to speak out after Chen testified in a Vancouver court for the Hong Kong hearing of a computer technician accused of posting the photographs on the Internet.

In the hearing, Chen, 28, talked of how he was determined to protect the girls featured in the photographs and said they had suffered enough.

"I hope everyone of the victims can become healthy again and be happy again," he said.

However, according to a report of the TV interview in Saturday's South China Morning Post, Cheung said Chen was "lying with his eyes wide open."

She says Chen had never apologised to any of the women involved, who also included Gillian Chung of the Canto-pop girl duo Twins and actress Bobo Chan - all of whom have been rumoured to have been romantically linked in the past with Chen.

"I've had enough of you," Cheung said, addressing Chen directly. "You are talking about justice and you want to protect us? I am very disappointed."

She told the interviewer Chen had done nothing and that the photos were still circulating online. At several points during the interview she looked on the verge of tears, said the Post.

"How can we live a healthy and happy life? How can we put ourselves back on our feet?" she said.

Cheung said the least Chen could have done was to call and say sorry but he had not returned calls and switched off his phone when the incident came to light last year.

"You should not have come out ... saying one thing but doing another in a bid to win the public's forgiveness while hurting us," she said.

The case caused an international sensation and the pictures, allegedly stolen from Chen's laptop when he took it in for repairs, were viewed by millions of fans in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan in early 2008.

Following the incident, Chen publicly apologised to the starlets and announced his retirement from showbiz.

He refused to return to Hong Kong to testify for the hearing but gave evidence in a Canadian court.

According to the South China Morning Post, Chen was on Friday in Singapore taking part in promotional event for a fast food chain. - Sapa-dpa

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