In January, Activate!, with the IEC and the Civics Academy, worked to improve the understanding of the importance of voting and equip young people with the tools and knowledge to increase the number of young registering to vote.
DURBAN - Let me start by saying that wisdom, like the quality of sound writing, has no colour. It comes from within and like the spirit that drives it, speaks for all who desire the need for light to demolish the threat that is darkness.

What has become ever more alarming, especially of late, is the degree of anarchy being revealed, fired up as always by nothing more than a need for the rush it brings to the mindless ones causing it. Anarchy doesn’t require the sound base of true understanding, innate wisdom nor an appreciation of the outcome of destruction which fuels it, above the need to build upon the sound infrastructures which already exists.

How can any democratic state allow the renegades which drive this destructive force of insanity to prevail?

What underlines my disgust at the act of anarchy and its activists is their lack of understanding that burning a book doesn’t destroy the facts. Truth has an “irritating habit” of rising out of the ashes.

I have on many occasions seen that those who destroy are in fact scared of the birth which creation brings to the continuance of progress. It is like jealousy, which hates the success of others above the wisdom of learning how to be a winner.

It is like a cancer that will eat into the fabric of anything good, but thankfully will not destroy the regeneration that keeps progress alive.

It is time for those entering this “pre-election period”, to think long and hard about doing something to reverse this rot that has become a norm in South Africa. When one blames the past for the opportunity which the future can deliver, one becomes a candidate for failure itself. Much like a poor workman, blames his tools.

Remember that “hollow words” are merely “junk food” which all politicians offer the hungry voters, who are tired of lies, despondency and suffering, as a miracle cure all, which evaporates, as soon as they gain power. Many of those who come as saviours, have their own beneficial interests at heart. Beware of voting for those who promise the world but have nothing to give. Those who promise free this, free that, based on an ever dwindling fiscus already eroded by corruption, poorly maintained infrastructure, malfeasance and more promises which are unable to be maintained.

A society is not only measured by its greatness in the field of business acumen but also by its wisdom to listen to sound warnings and its level of empathy it shows to those whom we are supposed to protect.

Let us not be remembered as a once great, wise and caring nation, but rather as a living example of a beacon of light among the darkness all around.

Your vote is important, use it and do so wisely.