Durban businesses have pledged R30million for a youth development and social cohesion programme. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Durban businesses have pledged R30million for a youth development and social cohesion programme as part of the city’s Go! Durban Legacy Fund that will prepare young people to be “nation builders”.

A report before the city’s executive committee yesterday said that R30477324 has been contributed by different business entities, which were or had been involved in the delivery of the Go! Durban programme. The report further said an appropriate legal vehicle needed to be set up to contribute funds that could be utilised.

The key focus areas for the programme include supporting talent in sports, especially cycling, recognising creative art, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in young people and supporting initiatives in communities aimed at youth development.

The chairman of the Human Settlements and Infrastructure Committee, Mondli Mthembu, said the project would help empower young people.

“It must be correctly implemented to ensure a high amount of beneficiaries, especially from the areas along the corridors of the Go! Durban project. Any report that seeks to empower young people is welcomed,” he said.

The first of the Go! Durban corridors, from Pinetown to Bridge City in KwaMashu, was scheduled to go into the commissioning phase in January with the new services expected to “go live” in June.

DA councillor Nicole Graham said she found it highly unlikely it would be ready by the end of June, as “a lot” of infrastructure invested in the project still lay vacant.

“The Go! Durban project is nowhere near where it should be. It seems the eThekwini Transport Authority has found all these elaborate ways to avoid its mandate,” she said.