100 days of no load shedding remarkable

Electricity Minister Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.

Electricity Minister Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa.

Published Jul 8, 2024


In a country where daily life for years has been dominated by the unwelcome darkness of load shedding, the recent milestone of 100 days without power interruptions by Eskom is a cause for jubilation.

As South Africa basks in the glow of uninterrupted electricity supply, the significance of this achievement cannot be overstated, particularly when considering the catastrophic impact that load shedding has had on the economy.

The spectre of load shedding has loomed large over South Africa, casting a shadow of uncertainty and instability, especially for businesses.

Corporations such as Volkswagen in the Eastern Cape, Toyota in the south of Durban and ArcelorMittal South Africa in Newcastle have had to confront the grim reality of potentially pulling out of the country due to the frequent blackouts that disrupt their operations and erode their competitiveness on the global stage.

While these corporate giants have the resources to weather the storm, the same cannot be said for small businesses, which form the backbone of the South African economy.

Many of these enterprises have been pushed to the brink of collapse by the erratic power supply, unable to sustain the financial losses incurred during prolonged periods of darkness.

The recent respite from load shedding has been a lifeline for businesses and the economy as a whole.

The uninterrupted supply of electricity enables companies to operate efficiently, meet production targets and safeguard jobs, contributing to economic growth and prosperity.

Credit must be given where it is due, and the diligent efforts of Electricity Minister Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa and the Eskom management team have been instrumental in steering the utility towards this remarkable achievement.

Their dedication and commitment to ensuring a stable power supply have not gone unnoticed. Looking ahead, while the future remains uncertain and unpredictable, the public fervently hopes that Eskom's streak of uninterrupted power supply will continue.

Living in the dark should be consigned to the past, a dark chapter in South Africa's history that is not to be revisited. Instead, the country must forge ahead towards a brighter future.

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