LETTER - I am really getting sick and tired of the Eskom workers’ strike and of load shedding.

First, it is really annoying that a small number of strikers can hold the whole country to ransom like this!

I am not sure how many strikers are involved altogether, but it was announced a few weeks ago that the National Union of Mineworkers has 30000 workers involved and I am aware that there are two other unions involved.

If we assume that there are 100000 strikers involved altogether, this is only 0.1754% of the country’s total population of 57000000!

Second, in addition, this small number of people, who are lucky enough to have jobs, do not care less about the 27.2% of the population that is unemployed!

Third, this relatively small number of strikers is taking the example from an even smaller number of the top brass politicians who have had their hands in the till (for much larger amounts each) over the past 25 years, lining their own pockets, so that they don’t see why they should not look after themselves!

Last, it has been stated repeatedly that Eskom does not have the funds to pay for any salary increase, which means that the taxpayers are going to have to pay for these ­increases.

CR Wilson