LETTER: Floods saw all races united in ubuntu

By Letters Time of article published Apr 30, 2019

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DURBAN - While some people expressed appreciation by scenes of water gushing down mountains or towards dams and rivers after months of drought, others were devastated, horrified and distressed by the destruction following the heavy rains and flooding that hit KwaZulu-Natal and other parts of the country last week.

Videos posted on social media show homes that were destroyed; rescue workers searching for survivors; plastic waste and other garbage floating down rivers and drains and most importantly it also shows how different communities came out in their numbers to help and assist victims and survivors.

The scenes of a multitude of people and diverse communities coming together to assist victims should serve as a wake-up call to some in the political class and fearmongers in South Africa to rise above the irresponsible and deadly rhetoric and stop nurturing classism, racism, distrust and revenge.

They should focus on policy issues that are pertinent such as global warming, improving and maintaining social cohesion, economic development and nation building, among others.

In a vulnerable South Africa, polarising discourses or inflammatory speeches must be stopped.

South Africans must be on watch to hold individuals and politicians to account for the damaging bombastic words.

Focusing on ubuntu issues is key to a healthy society and making South Africa better for all who live in it.


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