Jacob Zuma  
Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA
Jacob Zuma Picture Leon Lestrade. African News Agency/ANA

LETTER: Zuma denial of state capture rings hollow

By Ismail M Moola Time of article published Nov 15, 2018

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LETTER - Speaking in Parliament recently, former president Jacob Zuma categorically denied there had been state capture.

He said: “What state capture? There is no state capture.” These were his words.

Zuma thought that by making such a statement, he would sway South Africans to believe him.

We've heard evidence from various people before the Zondo Commission of Inquiry that has pointed to state capture. We've also heard evidence led by former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan which implicated Zuma in the alleged capture of state-owned enterprises in favour of Gupta-owned companies.

I am sure more people will come forward to give evidence before the Zondo commission.

It seems all Zuma’s dirt is finally surfacing.

I don’t for a moment believe he is broke. Zuma is not such a fool that he would sell South Africa to the Guptas and not receive anything in return.

If the Guptas claim that they are not involved in state capture with Zuma, then they should return and free themselves from all allegations.

Why are they afraid?

The Guptas are not fools either. They are too smart. They won’t return because they are guilty.

This man who used to sing and dance at various ANC platforms was inwardly joyful because the Guptas were filling his pockets from time to time.

Everything about Zuma was wrong. He will go down in the archives of South African history as the worst president, one who virtually sold the country to the Guptas.

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