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OPINION: Hypocrisy of government land policy exposed

Despite its political rhetoric about land restitution, including by expropriation without compensation, the government is turning a blind eye to continuing dispossession, and the violence accompanying it - writes KZN violence monitor, Mary de Haas

3 October 2018 | Opinion

COLUMN: We still owe the frontline states

And this October marks the 32nd anniversary of the killing of late Mozambican President Samora Machel, who died in a plane crash over South African soil in 1986, along with 34 others in Mbuzini, Mpumalanga - writes Imraan Buccus

1 October 2018 | Opinion

Ramaphosa recycles the NDP yet again, sigh

There will be “growth enhancing” reforms, public spending will be “reprioritised” to create jobs, infrastructure will be funded and there will be investments in municipal “social infrastructure”.

29 September 2018 | IOS