Sadtu provincial secretary Nomarashiya Caluza.

The South African Democratic Teachers Union says the DA accusing it of #statecapture is merely target shifting, as the party no longer has former President Jacob Zuma to use for political grandstanding.

This was the sentiment of Sadtu's KwaZulu-Natal executive committee in reacting to DA leader Mmusi Maimane’s utterances at the debate of the State of the Nation Address in Parliament this week.

Maimane said; “Our president has inherited a broken education system in which, in fact, militant union interests are placed before the interests of our children.”

Sadtu provincial secretary Nomarashiya Caluza said Maimane calling the union a "powerful" and "militant union" which had captured the state, was not something they were worried about or would waste our energy on.

This, as Sadtu understood his role as the leader of the opposition is, “to oppose. As members of this union we have not forgotten our past, and we know what DA stands for,” said Caluza.

Her deputy Bheki Shandu said with Zuma’s resignation, the DA has lost its trump card and no longer had a campaign gimmick.

“There is no evidence that we have captured any of the departments of education (around the country). If he (Maimane) has run out of vocabulary related to state capture, he must must accept that he has to look at progressive avenues to work with the newly elected president (Cyril Ramaphosa), if they (DA) are genuine that they want to see the country going forward,” said Shandu.

He said the DA had run to court for intervention on issues important to them, so if they are so concerned about the goings on in Sadtu, “we are inviting them to do the same.”

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