Durban physiotherapist Sumeshen Moodley will jet off to India this week to head up the medical team for the Delhi Capitals IPL cricket team. NQOBILE MBAMBO African News Agency (ANA)
DURBAN - Durban physiotherapist Sumeshen Moodley will jet off to India for a dream realised: he will take up his place as head of the medical team for the Indian Premier League’s Delhi Capitals.

Moodley’s break came when he was asked to treat Indian billionaire Parth Jindal.

“When I got the phone call, I did not take it seriously. It was only after I received the second phone call and Googled who Parth Jindal was that I jumped at the opportunity,” he said.

Speaking to The Mercury from his practice, at the Medical Centre at Kings Park, Moodley said sports had always been a dream for him.

“Living in Merebank, sports was something I was very passionate about. I come from humble beginnings and I remember my family going to the Boxing Day Test match,” he said.

Moodley said he flew to India in August last year and began treatment on Jindal, who had just undergone knee surgery.

“Using a programme I specifically designed for Parth, within 10 weeks he was running and after three months, he was playing tennis. He went on to run the Mumbai Marathon, five months after his surgery,” he said.

Moodley and Jindal flew to Switzerland where Jindal visited his surgeon. He said the medical team was astonished at the progress Jindal had made in only eight months.

“They wanted to know my protocol and I was asked to write up a report for them, which I did,” he said.

After the consultation with the Swiss team, Moodley was leaving for the airport and was waiting for his Uber ride when he heard Jintal on the telephone.

“He was telling the person on the other end that he had found the ‘world’s best physio’ to head the medical team for his IPL team. I thought he had found someone else while we were in Switzerland and had no idea he was talking about me,” he said.

Jindal told Moodley that he would receive a phone call once he was back in India. “I was so excited. After lots of disappointment along the way, this was happening for me. I had put this out into the universe and now it was happening,” Moodley said.

Last month, he met the head of operations at Delhi Capitals and put together his own medical team of an assistant physiotherapist, sports doctor, fitness trainer and two masseuses.

He said he was most proud of being a UKZN graduate, who was making a name for himself on a global stage.

What’s next for him? Well, Moodley will take up his spot with the Indian Olympic team, which for him is a bitter-sweet moment.

“I had my heart set on being a part of the South African medical team for the 2016 Olympics. As a sports physio, I wanted to be there for Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps’s last Olympics but it was not the case. However, I am so excited about this time,” he said.