Tips to make reading fun and interesting for kids. Picture: ISTOCK/TATYANA_TOMSICKOVA
Tips to make reading fun and interesting for kids. Picture: ISTOCK/TATYANA_TOMSICKOVA

Tips to make reading fun and interesting for kids

By Mercury Reporter Time of article published May 12, 2018

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Did you know your kids are likely to learn something new every day if you allow them to read daily, which will in turn make them smarter?

Enable your kids with the power of knowledge by reading to them. 

To make reading time interesting for your kids, Future Nation Schools shares some tips on how fun and interesting parents can make reading to children. These are techniques they also use when hosting their monthly Cosi-Cosi days at their campuses for their learners.

Tips on how to making reading fun and interesting:

  • Create a cozy spot for your reading time with your child
  • Reading aloud is fun for children, especially when mom or dad use different voices for each character -  it’s a way to build vocabulary, attention skills, and comprehension, as well as, perhaps most importantly, a love of reading
  • Let your child help you choose the book you will be reading together – this will get them excited and keep them interested
  • Point out the pictures in the book as you read – this allows them to understand and connect to the story
  • Help your child realise that reading pertains to more than just books -  encourage them to get their hands on everything they can, including comics, cereal boxes and kid-friendly websites.
  • For birthdays and holidays, give your children books, just as you would a toy - everything looks better with a bow on it!
  • Leave your kids' books next to their beds. If you encourage them to read for a few minutes each night, they'll be polishing off books in no time. Even if they're old enough to read to themselves, consider reading out loud to them too. After all, what's better than a bedtime story?
  • Help your kids sign up for a library card - not only will they feel more grown up, but they'll feel a sense of accomplishment and possession over their reading abilities.
  • Turn a trip to your library or local bookstore into an anticipated event, and you never know, your little ones might even beat you to the car.


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