Picture: Saving the Survivors

KwaZulu-Natal has welcomed the arrival of a male cheetah from another reserve in Gauteng.

The predatory cat – named Sanbona – had been captured by rescue organisation Saving the Survivors last year.

The animal had hurt its foot and the team had to prepare it for relocation to the new reserve. 

Picture: Saving the Survivors

“It is crucial to the cheetah population of South Africa that these animals are regularly moved around as the gene pool is not big enough for animals to remain on one reserve for their entire lifetime,” said the organisation via their website. 

They said that fences and man-made barricades had made the natural movement of this species impossible.

The organisation shared a video of the Sanbona’s release on their Facebook page on Wednesday.


“(We were) recently asked to assist with the relocation of an adult male cheetah from a reserve in Gauteng to his new home in KwaZulu-Natal. This is the same cheetah that we treated last year for an injury to his foot.”

They said: “He is doing really well at his new home, and we are confident that he will continue to contribute to the survival of his species. Another conservation success story!”

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