Darwin, Australia - Rodney Ansell, the inspiration behind the Crocodile Dundee films, who was killed in a shootout with police, will receive a full Aboriginal funeral.

The Aboriginal community at Mount Catt in central Arnhem Land has agreed to give Ansell, 44, a tribal burial following a request from his two sons.

The one-time Outback hero was killed last week in a shootout in which he killed a police officer.

Police sergeant Glen Huitson, 37, died in the incident which followed a 12-hour police search for Ansell, who had already badly wounded two people when he shot up two houses in the Darwin River area the previous night.

Ansell had been fully initiated into the Urapanga tribe and spoke their language fluently. He and his girlfriend Cherie Hewson were living on Urapanga station, about 600km from Darwin, prior to last week's rampage.

It is believed that Ansell's two sons, Shaun and Callum, asked for their father's funeral to take place at Mount Catt, where the legendary bushman had worked as a buffalo catcher in the 1980s.

"The two boys said they want to have the funeral at Mount Catt," said local resident Lorna Martin. "Everybody said it's okay."

Aborigines agreed to suspend an important ceremony being held at Mount Catt for Ansell's funeral. His parents will attend the ceremony.

A funeral service with full police honours has already been held for the slain policeman. Huitson's widow, Lisa, later scattered her husband's ashes at Daly River Crossing where he had been posted. - Sapa-AFP