"The devastating floods a couple of weeks ago washed away the entire road" Irfaan Bux.
DURBAN - Some time ago I wrote about the concrete blocks being a driving hazard on Higginson Highway.

Then councillor Previn Vedan wrote explaining the need for the blocks while that section of the highway became structurally unsafe, and that the contract for repairs had been awarded.

Work to rehabilitate the left lane should commence shortly, he said. Several weeks went by and there was still no sign of any work.

But just metres away from the concrete blocks, contractors were very busy building a pavement on the Arena Park on-ramp for the Bottlebrush residents. Why, I wondered, was this given a priority and not Higginson Highway? Then it struck me they were in a frenzy to complete it before the elections. It was a vote-catching strategy.

I am not for a moment saying that the lives of the Bottlebrush residents are not important. But so is the safety of motorists who use the busy Higginson Highway, which is the only major arterial road linking Chatsworth to the city and Pinetown.

But mother nature has forced the municipality to take action. The devastating floods a couple of weeks ago washed away the entire road, closing both the south bound lanes. Now motorists are forced to take a long detour route through the township.

I am sure Chatsworth residents would have been mindful of this when they went to the polls on May 8.

In a matter of days, contractors appeared and set up camp at the site to fix the road. Mother nature has come to the aid of the motorists, albeit with some inconvenience.