A mean serving of chili con carne, containing seeds from the Cerbera odollam plant - also known as "the suicide tree" - has landed a German woman in hot water.

Luebeck: A 50-year-old woman in northern Germany who added a secret ingredient to her husband's chilli con carne is facing charges of attempted murder after he figured out what it was.

After suffering vision problems, severe diarrhoea and vomiting one night last August, "I soon got the hunch that my wife was behind this," the 57-year-old man said yesterday (on Thursday).

He went to the doctor, tested his stool and urine, and contacted police about his suspicion.

The secret ingredient: Seeds from the Cerbera odollam plant - also known as "the suicide tree".

The woman, who is on trial in the city of Luebeck, said on Thursday that she didn't mean to kill him.

"I wanted him only to suffer stomach pains as badly as the ones he caused me all these months," she said.

The florist had crushed the seeds into the man's chilli con carne, according to prosecutors, who accuse the woman of wanting to kill her now-ex-husband to avoid paying for a divorce.

She accused him of pestering her with his sexual desires, including demanding that they invite other men into bed with them.

The ex-husband said that he had long suspected that his wife was cheating on him with other men.

A verdict is expected in March. - dpa