Crocodile bites handlers arm during live show in Thailand. Picture: screen grab from YouTube video.

WARNING: Graphic content, not for sensitive readers

An angry crocodile bit its handlers arm during a live show in Thailand.

The 45-year-old handler, Tao, was performing a stunt at the Phokkathara zoo in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand on Sunday afternoon when the incident occurred.

The handler put his whole arm down the crocodile’s throat and began rubbing the inside of the crocodile.

Seconds later, the angry crocodile snapped its jaws shut trapping the handlers arm.

The crocodile aggressively shook its head from side to side ripping chunks of skin off the handlers arm.

Tao was reportedly heard letting out an agonising howl before freeing himself.

Tau immediately walked away holding his bleeding arm while his colleague washed the blood away from the floor with pool water.

The owner of the zoo said Tao was not seriously injured and, given his love of crocodiles, expects him back on the job in a week or two.

According to the Mirror the scene was captured by Khun Phusawit, 35, who had been visiting the Phokkathara Crocodile Farm and zoo with wife Nok and their two children.

“The show was very good until that happened. I hope that the man is ok and he gets better soon...Everybody was shocked when it happened. The kids were a little bit scared,” said Phusawit.

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