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Durban - If you thought acts of crime were restricted to South Africa, you were wrong. In Texas, a woman was injured after she fought off two robbers who attacked her and tried to rob her of $75,000 (R10 75874.25) she had just withdrawn from a bank. 

According to ABC News the woman was targeted at the bank and was attacked just before she entered her business.

The first robber tried to rip the woman’s purse out of her hand, a struggle ensued, and the woman's husband ran out of the business to help her.

Even after the second robber came to assist his partner in crime, the women refused to let her bag go.

In a desperate final attempt to steal the bag, the thieves reversed their car over the women then sped off.

A deputy with Precinct 4 who was on patrol in the area, witnessed the struggle, and later arrested one of the robbers who was charged with aggravated robbery while the other is still on the run

The stolen $75,000 was recovered.

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