Aprilia's RS125 lightweight sports bike has been completely revised for 2006 using technology from the company's successful 125cc GP machines and re-styled, after extensive wind-tunnel research, to emphasise its family resemblance to Aprilia's RSV1000 Factory litre-class sport flagship, with twin halogen headlights.

It will be available in South Africa at the end of April, at about R40 000.

The 2006 model has new 40mm inverted front forks with an RSV Factory-style forged lower triple, and a 320mm, fully floating, front disc brake with a four-piston radial mount calliper. A radial master cylinder modulates deceleration via braided stainless-steel brake hoses.

It has an oval-section, racing silencer with riveted end plates and a catalytic converter so that it complies with Euro 2 emissions regulations.

The cast-alloy wheels are styled to resemble the crossed-spoke, forged magnesium OZ rims used on the RSV1000 Factory and anodised the same bright blue.

The RS125 also comes with a new analog/digital instrument panel from the RSV1000 with a multi-function display that includes speedometer, coolant temperature gauge and lap timer - there's even provisional for trackside optical telemetry.

The frame is made of cast aluminium alloy with cross-ribbing reinforcement and the box-section, aluminium alloy swing-arm is asymmetrical to allow the exhaust to be tucked as close as possible to the chassis, to increase ground clearance.

The 2006 RS125 will be available in either classic black with red accents or pearl white as per Manuel Poggiali's works Grand Prix machine, with black and red highlights.

Aprilia RS125 specifications

  • Price: About R40 000.

    Race kit

    A non-street legal race kit will be available, including:

  • Expansion chamber racing exhaust

  • Racing exhaust valve (power valve) with special control unit and solenoid

  • Replacement carburettor needle, main jet and atomiser.

  • Racing spark plug