Anderson mobility scooter is capable of about 170km/h.
Anderson mobility scooter is capable of about 170km/h.

Bike+kart = world’s fastest scooter

By Minesh Bhagaloo Time of article published Sep 26, 2014

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Ballasalla, Isle of Man - What happens when you cross a Suzuki Bandit motorbike with a wheelchair?

You get the world’s fastest mobility-scooter with a top-end of about 170km/h - which is way quicker than the current 131km/h world mobility-scooter land-speed record.

We can’t help but picture Evel Knievel trying to ramp one of these over a few burning cars, and we reckon he’d be impressed with some of the custom touches - which include running gear borrowed from a Suzuki and a full aluminium body.

“It’s a 600 Bandit, slightly modified, split exhausts, tweaked gearing and carbs shoehorned into a mobility scooter.”

Conceived and put together by Anderson’s Bodyshop on the Isle of Man, this bad boy - believe it or not - is a fully-functional mobility scooter; but without front brakes we wouldn’t recommend Aunt Gertrude giving it full taps around the old age home.

Matthew Hine, built the scooter from scratch with his colleague, David Anderson.

“The frame was a kart chassis, shortened and lengthened to fit into the scale of a mobility scooter; and everything works on it - lights, indicators, brake lights, even the hooter works”.

The super-scooter’s crazy top-end was clocked by Hine at a track on the island recently, with its maker now waiting to hear if it laid down enough voomah to make it into the world famous Guinness Book of Records. - Star Motoring

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