San Francisco, California - It could only have happened in California; Henry Wolf sued bikemaker BMW and aftermarket seat manufacturer Corbin-Pacific because, he said, a long ride (four hours) on a BMW K1100RS fitted with a Corbin seat left him with an erection that wouldn't go down.

For two years.

No, we're not kidding.

The craziest thing, for us as South Africans, is that he found a lawyer who was not only prepared to take the case on, but also willing to take it to the Superior Court, hoping to shake Big Business down for lost wages, medical expenses and emotional distress.

Luckily there are still a few sane people left in San Francisco.

One of them is Judge James J McBride, who ruled the plaintiff did not present enough supporting evidence.

He couldn't argue with Wolf's urologist, who explained that he had treated the plaintiff for priapism - that's the medical term for a persistent erection.

But he did take issue with neurologist Dr Jonathan Rutchik, who testified that it was possible for Wolf's uncomfortable condition to have been caused by vibration from a motorcycle, transmitted through the Corbin seat.

This after testimony from Corbin-Pacific boss Mike Corbin, the rider who owned the BMW in question before Wolf, as well as the guy who bought it from him - neither of whom had any similar problems.