Designer: How new V-Strom was created

Suzuki styling designer Tomoya Murakami

Suzuki styling designer Tomoya Murakami

Published Jul 26, 2013


Suzuki has released the second in a series of video interviews about the development of its new V-Strom 1000 adventure tourer, due in showrooms in 2014, in which styling designer Tomoya Murakami discusses the design of the new bike.

Murakami started off designing quads, and moved to Suzuki's motorcycle styling department in 2003, where he has designed a number of off-road bikes and, more recently, worked on the GSX-R and GSR sports machines.


As the lead designer for the new V-Strom, Murakami drew up the concept sketches after surveys and research trips to Europe, and helped create the first clay model.

In this video he discusses the new bike's design, from concept and inspiration, the fit and finish of the actual bike, and how the final design came together.

You can also see the earlier video on the dedicated Suzuki V-Strom website.

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