For two days Harley riders everywhere will rack up as much mileage as they can.

This weekend will see the fifth annual Harley Owners Group Million Mile Monday, when Harley-Davidson owners around the world are invited to get out there and rack up some mileage.

On the last Monday in June, each year since 2008, Hog chapters everywhere have joined in celebrating the freedom of the open road and recorded their mileage on Harley-Davidson's online odometer.

The results are astonishing - in 2011 riders collectively logged more than four million miles (6.4 million kilometres).


But not everybody can get out there on a Monday - although it is by far the best way to start the week - so for the first time this year Million Mile Monday has been expanded into a two-day World Ride on Sunday June 24 and Monday June 25 to give more riders a chance to take part.

Harley-Davidson director for Harley Owners Groups Nigel Villiers said: “We invite Harley riders everywhere in the world to take part in the first two-day World Ride.

“On these two days, riders of all nations will band together as one, dedicating ourselves to a shared love of riding motorcycles, and nobody will ride alone.”

Remind yourself just why you ride a motorcycle.

So, whether you ride as far as the next coffee shop or the time zone (or even just to work, every kilometre counts), whether solo, in a small group or on an organised Hog run, get out there on your Harley on Sunday 24 and Monday 25 June and

Then log the distance you've ridden on Harley-Davidson's rolling online odometer to be part of the World Ride - and when the ride is over and the total has been tallied, you can print out a commemorative certificate, detailing your total for the two days.