London, England - Not content with two Guinness World Records for solo stoppies, Buell Motorcycles' professional extreme rider Craig Jones has now done it two-up.

The former European champion and co-rider Wing Chui covered 305m on a Buell Firebolt XB12R's front wheel on a damp Donington Park race circuit in England.

Jones took the Buell Firebolt to more than 190km/h before applying the front brake and balancing the bike on its front wheel.

Wing Chui was mounted on an extension to the front wheel spindle. As he hung on to the fairing he watched Jones steer the Buell Firebolt and had a compelling reason to hang on tight as he travelled at 160km/h with the Donington track very close to his backside.

Jones said afterwards: "We have worked and performed together for several years and you need total faith in each other. This record was our way of pushing the Buell Firebolt and our own capabilities further than ever before."

  • In 2003, Jones set the world's longest solo stoppie record of 225m on a Buell and in 2004 beat his own record by reaching 266m.