The Indian-made Kinetic range of scooters and motorcycles has been released in South Africa by Durban-based IOEC Agencies. Initially the range will consist of three motorcycles, three scooters and two step-through mopeds, ranging in price from R7000 to R13 500.

Kinetic has been building motorcycles since 1974 and has sold more than six-million two-wheelers. It exports to 70 countries under the slogan "Kinetic - cars on two wheels".

It has an international technical collaboration agreement with Korean brand Hyosung and has recently acquired the production and marketing rights for seven Italjet scooters, two of which - the Millennium and Jet Set - will soon go into production at Kinetic plants in India.

IOEC has established a network of 20 Kinetic dealers across South Africa and says it can supply any part required within 24 hours.

Managing director Mark Linley said: "We have a commitment from Kinetic international to provide full spares back-up and technicians from India have come to South Africa to train our technicians.

"We also offer a one-year or 10 000km warranty."



  • Boss 115: R8999

    115cc four-stroke, claimed 1.09 litres/100km

  • Velocity: R10 399

    115cc four-stroke, claimed 1.43 litres/100km

  • GF170: Velocity: R10 399

    170cc four-stroke, claimed two litres/100km


  • Kine 80: R7599

    80cc four-stroke, claimed two litres/100km

  • Zoom 4S: R10 799

    115cc four-stroke, claimed 1.43 litres/100km

  • Nova 135: R11 159

    135cc four-stroke, claimed 1.66 litres/100km

    Step-through mopeds:

  • Super 70: R5499

    70cc two-stroke, claimed two litres/100km

  • King 100: R7399

    100cc four-stroke, claimed 1.15 litres/100km