Mass ride to protest bike tolling

Published Sep 12, 2013


Durban bikers have slammed toll fees as “poorly executed form of taxation” by the government and are demanding a free open lane for bikers.

Lobby group Bikers Against Tolls opposes the tolling of motorcyclists using urban and national highways.

Bikers across the country will embark on mass protest rides to various tollgates, including in Durban, on Saturday.

BAT convenor Morné ‘Lofty’ Fourie said tolls on motorcycles were unfair compared with the tolls levied on other road users.

He said motorcyclists paid R8.50 at the Mariannhill toll plaza – the same as that paid by car drivers – and elsewhere in the country, the situation was much the same.

“Our choice of transport is discriminated against due to lack of the thinking process used in ascertaining toll fees for motorcycles,” he said.

According to Fourie, the department of transport deemed the low number of motorcycles as insignificant and not worth the bother in considering a lower tariff.

BAT has demanded a free open lane for motorcycles on all national roads.

Fourie said tolls in South Africa collect revenue of R667 billion a year, according to Kapsch TraffiCom.

A mass protest ride will start on the M13 near Shongweni and proceed to the Mariannhill toll plaza, with 400 to 500 riders expected to take part.

For more details, contact Fourie at 074 633 4502 or 079 885 4349.

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