Bikers Against E-Tolls protest ride will go right past the Western Cape headquarters of Sanral in Durban Road, Bellville. Make some noise, please.

Cape Town - Having more than doubled the number of riders at their most recent protest ride, the convenors of Bikers Against e-Tolls in the Western Cape have had to re-think their planning, both in terms of safety on the roads - as the processions become longer and more difficult to marshal - and in terms of space at both ends – as the previous venues were getting a little stretched.

So the seventh Cape Town BAT Run, on Sunday 8 June, will finally accede to requests from riders in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs, to take the message there, that unless we stand up and make ourselves heard we will wind up, within the foreseeable future, paying e-tolls to enter or leave the Cape Metropole on any of the existing National roads.


The start venue for this weekend’s protest ride will be the parking area below the Starlight Diner in Mispel Street, Belville (next to the Bellville Velodrome), and the route will take the riders right on to Durban Road (past Sanral’s Cape headquarters – make some noise, please!) left on to the N1 North, and thence to the R300, the N2 and the M5, peeling off at Turfhall Road to Castor Road and the end venue at Club Fever.

The ride will start at 10am sharp, so be there early. Riders are encouraged to make their own protest signs (the more creative the better!) for their machines and fly their club flags. Scooters, cars and bakkies are also welcome.

For more information – and to place orders for the big white BAT flags, contact Amanda Bruwer at 083 415 4105.