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Hero Puch moped - period piece. Period.

40 years ago most teenagers had bicycles - except for the lucky few who rode motorised bikes called <i>Poegies</i>. DAVE ABRAHAMS rode a rolling anachronism.

12 December 2005 | Bikes

Husqvarna SM125S - schoolboy street cred

What happens if you take a two-stroke motocrosser, bolt on sticky 17" street tyres and decent brakes at both ends and just enough electrics to make it street legal?

5 December 2005 | Bikes

Zongshen ZS250 - cruising for beginners

The Zongshen range of motorcycles is aimed primarily at 16-year-olds and workday commuters but its flagship is a 248cc cruiser that's so laid-back it's almost horizontal.

11 October 2005 | Bikes

Husqvarna TE450 - utter competence

Husqvarna's legendary off-road bikes are now made in Italy at the home of parent company MV Agusta. We found out what happens when you combine Swedish cool and Italian passion.

11 August 2005 | Bikes

Adly 300 - budget dune-buster

The Adly 300 Sport is built in Taiwan (with some technical input from Bombardier) as an affordable but robust sports quad.

13 July 2005 | Bikes

Bombardier DS650 - adrenalin overdose

The latest version of Bombardier's DS650 sports quad makes no pretensions to being anything other than a racer - but it's also immense fun and very rideable.

13 July 2005 | Bikes

Husqvarna SM610S specifications

Husqvarna is one of the hallowed names of motorcycling, famous for its extraordinarily robust off-road bikes - with a couple of interesting exceptions, of which this is one.

15 March 2005 | Bikes