Nick De Wit performs during a pre Red Bull X Fighters shoot that took place at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South Africa on the July 28th, 2014 // Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20140730-00064 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

Pretoria - Among the official list of daredevils in the Redbull World Tour season finale at the Union Buildings next weekend is South Africa’s own Nick de Wit who is promising fans an electrifying night of entertainment.

Popularly known as “Sick Nick”, the SA Free Motorcross champion has promised to rock Pretoria with his trademark tsunami manoeuvre.

The line-up on August 23 will include Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour title contenders Levi Sherwood from New Zealand, Josh Sheehan from Australia, and Tom Pages from France who will perform some of the most difficult tricks in the freestyle motocross world.

Also among these daredevils will be the Spaniards Dany Torres and Maikel Melero, Taka Higashino from Japan, Australians Rob Adelberg and Clinton Moore, Remi Bizouard from France, Adam Jones from the US, and Alastair Sayer from Botswana.

Over 100 000 spectators have already watched the tour events live in four countries and South Africans can expect a few sneaky surprises in celebration of the 50th Red Bull X-Fighters event.

The action kicks off at 1.30pm. Tickets are available at from R295.


There will be no parking facilities available at the Union Buildings and there will also be a number of road closures around the event site. Ticket holders are encouraged to make use of the free official event park and ride service. Add an extra 45 minutes to your travel time to avoid any delays.

Directions from R21: Enter Pretoria via the Fountains Circle. In the Fountains Circle keep left and take the first exit into Christina De Wet Avenue. Continue with Christina De Wet Avenue for approximately 500m. Parking 1 will be on the left.

Directions from N14 – Ben Schoeman Highway:

Take the Eeufees Road Offramp on the Ben Schoeman Highway. At the T-junction of Eeufees Road turn right.

As you pass underneath the Ben Schoeman Highway the Fountains (Parking 1) will be straight ahead.

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