Pasadena, California - What would Batman ride if he wanted to pop down to the local hipster coffee joint for a skinny soy macchiato latte? The Batscooter of course.

Okay, Batman doesn’t actually have a scooter in his inventory of cool gadgets, but we’re sure he will once the Stator you see here goes to market. Looking like a cross between a skateboard, a Segway and The Tumbler (the most recent Batmobile), the Stator is an all electric personal mobility board with super fat wheels and a ultra minimalist design - and here’s the kicker: it balances by itself when parked.

Stator’s website doesn’t detail how it manages to stand up on its own, and we think it might just be because the balloon tyres are so wide it won’t fall over, but it’s a novel idea to make a scooter so simple it doesn’t even need a kickstand.

Just hop on and jet off to the scene of a dastardly deed, hop off to Kapow! some evil villains, and hop back on again for the emissions-free ride back to the Batcave.

The Stator features a 1000 watt brushless motor built into the back wheel, powered by a lithium ion battery pack that doubles as the deck. Its creator, Californian Nathan Allen, says top speed is 40km/h and maximum range is 32km from a full charge.

The whole device weighs just under 41kg, and it can carry a load of up to 118kg so Batman and his lightweight sidekick Robin could almost both cruise around Gotham with capes flapping in the breeze.

The single-piece handlebar with its one-handed twist grip folds down flat for easy storage, and it comes with accessories such as a seat, rear fender, front cargo rack and LED headlight. It can also be powdercoated in brighter colours if matt black isn’t your vibe.

Sadly, the Stator isn’t actually for sale… yet. Allen will soon upload the concept to Kickstarter (America’s biggest crowdfunding site) and with enough interest, or better yet, sponsorship, it could get the green light in the near future.

We’re holding thumbs, and Bruce Wayne probably is too.

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